Whoops! All Mychronicle!

(Look, this song lives rent free in my head and I love Nia so much so permit me to have a page for an Usaneko song... My thoughts regarding this are far more complex than any of you realize. Also, it has that hardest Normal chart in the game. She deserves to ruin our days.)
(The drop is easily the hardest part of the song to figure out, so it may be updated every now and then. As for formatting issues... fuck it, I'm doing the best I can!)


空が歪み 大地が朽ち果て 青に沈む瞬間を
私に 焼き付けて 消えた世界

全てが青に閉じ込められた 滲む世界 透ける光がそこにあるようで
掴んでも もう あの時は戻らない・・・




Are you still hearing the voice that disappeared back then?
The voice of the creator still echoes in our heads
Nestled in my fragile heart, I’m still able to feel
What remains of the light that vanished with them on that day...

On that day, everything fell apart- the sky distorted, rotten earth, sinking to blue
That world vanished, and that moment is still engraved in me...

Lost within the blue, everything turns blurry in the ebb and flow
Distant light seems to cut through the haze created here but
Try as I might to reach out, I know
I can never reclaim the time before then...

It’s my fate to be alone
It’s only me and only my shadow, too...

Aimlessly waiting for “something” to return to me
Counting lives as measure, unaware of when this cycle will be over

Is there a way for you to be with me now?
Is there a way for you to finish this now?

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