A member of the Tsugidoka crew, Retsu is the hot-headed fire wielder who serves as the main protagonist of Pop'n Music Lapistoria! He's incredibly passionate when it comes to using his Fate Purification ability for good and cares very much about those around him. Akane is his grandmother and mentor, and he's often accompanied by a crow familiar.

In this game, he wields the red jewel lapis (also present in the game's logo).

煌-灼熱の裁き- by PON is his song.


I mean... dude's literally the MC. Shounen protagonist. If I had to detail everything about his role here, we'd be here all day. But, uh...

  • It's implied through the Anelis PV that he lost his family to a fire, which is why Akane raised and trained him.
  • On god, this boy jumps into every lead he can find. Very brash about it.
  • His lapis gets corrupted at a point, leading him to lose his purification ability for a while even after it's purified itself. Unfortunately, he bases his self-worth pretty heavily on this. An encounter with Jade during this time leads to him becoming uncontrollable until Fuga saves him.
  • He regains his ability when confronting Jade, though, supported by the rest of his crew. That's technically power of friendship, isn't it?

He also shows up in a handful of sidestories, but this is long enough.

friend shaped.

you can trust him to keep you safe!



unmei jouka! unmei jouka! unmei jouka! unmei j- (note: Unmei Jouka/運命浄化 = Fate Purification)

I have his figurine, a gift for getting through my freshman year of college. I love him and he resides with Fuga under my lamp. Kiss.

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