Net Idol Usanuko's dropped into Lapistoria, ready to take another world by storm! Accompanied by her fairy Usa-tan, her eccentric nature and overall vibe seems to have caputured the attention of many fans- though she has quite a few bad habits that may not be befitting an idol (nailbiter squad unite). Nor does she seem to be a very good listener...

In this game, she wields the green heart lapis.

うさぬこぬんぬんファンタジー! by ARM(IOSYS) feat.普透明度 is her song.


Limited to sidestories; her most significant role in these is starting a rivalry with Nia and competing to see who's the better idol, even getting a judge in the form of Nyami. After an arduous competition which only Usanuko was taking seriously (Nia wanted to go home and Nyami is there against her will), she ends up losing, swearing that her 10 million fans across the nation won't stand for such injustice.



Don't look up her song name in English. The results are weird and while cringe culture is dead, I think they count as cringe.

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