Lapistoria's school is home to a kyudo club, and its ace member is the calm and collected Yuzuru. His demeanor and grace with the bow attract many a visitor looking to catch a glimpse of his skill... but kyudo does require a lot of concentration, and those visitors often end up breaking it. Especially girls- the poor boy freezes up every time one tries to speak to him.

In this game, he wields the blue diamond lapis.

蒼い弓箭 by m@sumi feat.TAKMA is his song.


His first appearance came with Hiumi attempting to speak with him, to no avail at first. After she (quite literally) hides behind Fuga to speak with the bowpuller and purifies his lapis, he's able to speak to women! ...actually just one woman! Hiumi! Progress is progress though, don't knock him for it.

He also appears in Risette's side story, as she is unfamiliar with kyudo and wishes to watch.



His Lose animation is funny

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