Created in a lab to be a battle machine and having faced the cruelty that ensues, Black fights now in the name of revolution. A solemn soul but quick to anger, especially if he's being accused of something he didn't do (in this case the lapis corruptions). Allied with Weiss and Elenoa, all 3 work to solve this crisis.

In this game, he wields the black tear lapis.

INFINITY by JINBO feat.YUKO is his song.


Black first appears before the halfway point of the story, encountered by Fuga and accused of being the cause of the corruptions due to his existing suspicions with Weiss. Naturally, such accusations enrage him, and after a Pop'n match, Fuga comes to realize that he's not responsible. He and Weiss take their leave (causing the wind wielder to give chase) and apprehend Jadeite after the rest of the crew confront him.

In the story's second half, he works alongside the Tsugidoka crew to uncover the true culprit behind the second wave of corruptions. This turns out (to our initial knowledge) to be Jade. Who just so happens to have been another child created in that lab mentioned earlier. you can imagine that this has gotten personal.


ATTACK/OPTIONS: "Wake up...!" (覚醒せよ…!)
DAMAGE: "I won't give up." (諦めるものか)
GOOD PLAY: "Let's go together." (一緒に行こう)
BAD PLAY: "Graah!" (ぐぅぅあぁッ)
WIN: "This is a revolution!!" (革命だ!!)
LOSE: "It's too late..." (遅かったか…)



Black has 2 swords with blades of light (making them retractable, why you can only see the hilt of one in his portrait), which is based, but I learned that it might actually have something to do with Elenoa? She has a sword of light in her FEVER animation. The connections between the three revolutionaries only get deeper...

Aside from that, I think he's been through too much. Let him rest. ALSO STREAM HIS UNILAB SONG IT SLAPS

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