Weiss is the school's doctor, taking care of students who have injuries or other ailments. It seems, though, that he has an unsavory past that he constantly atones for, a past connected to the child revolutionary Black. The two, along with Elenoa, work together in the name of revolution- and all 3 involve themselves in trying to solve the lapis corruption crisis.

In this game, he wields the white tear lapis.

Versa by onoken feat.彩羅 is his song.


Weiss first appears when Retsu has to go to the infirmary after spraining his wrist in P.E. Off-handedly bringing up the topic of corrupted lapises and attracting the suspicions of Fuga, his refusal to speak more on the subject and what he knows makes him a prime suspect for the case. He's not the culprit, though; when that eventually gets cleared up, he works with the Tsugidoka crew, specifically Fuga for a good part of the second half, to uncover the true culprit behind the second wave of corruptions.



I'm not putting the eszett for every instance of this man's name. I'm just not. And if anyone reads it as Weib I will end them.

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