Whoops! All Hatcha Metcha Party!

Toa's song, a hardcore piece made by kors k! "ハチャメチャ" is a word that can mean chaotic or otherwise messy. Considering this song has breakcore and waltzlike segments, that's a pretty apt title. See if you can keep up!
This is an instrumental song, so there's no lyrics. There's vocal samples, though!



kors k
As the title suggests, this is a high-tension song with crazy developments and messy sound material.
It took a lot of courage to add the waltz and breakcore parts in the middle of the piece, but in the end, I was satisfied and relieved with the result.
Let's all have some crazy fun!


"Even the craziest moods can be changed in an instant! I'll show you all my coordination in the New World! ♪"


Thank you all for waiting. For everyone who wants to become one like patchwork, this is Toa- Nia's twin brother and a talented stylist!
I've wanted to make clothing-related character animations for a long time now.
When it comes to Poppers related to clothes and accessories, Rie is one of the more popular characters, so I wanted to follow the example she set while also focusing on sewing in the animations. Doing that by itself proved very difficult, though, and I couldn't come up with ideas to make it more unique.
But when I mixed that desire with wanting to clear up how and why Sunny Park's Nia became an idol, Toa was born!
He was the first Lapistoria character to be revealed through the OP movie shown at February 2014's JAEPO, so his appearance was set in stone from an early stage. However, the finer details such as his personality had to be worked on until the very last minute before his in-game debut.
Coming up with a name for him was the hardest part, but since he and Nia are twins, the team discussed having them be side-by-side on the character select screen, and everything came together from there.
The two have been together since birth and know each other best. Toa, the younger twin, always wants his beloved sister to shine even brighter.
He fully supports her in her idol activities by using his tailoring skills to their fullest.
And when Nia isn't able to go on stage, she's relieved to know that she has a pinch-hitter to handle the job.
Since we were able to give the two different animations, even though they look very similar, we also decided to give them completely opposite personalities and genders from each other. This way, whether they're together or separate, they feel whole in both cases.
Normally the biggest difference between Nia and Toa is the angle of their eyebrows, so I messed around with his animations as much as possible to make a big difference there.
The tempo and melody of his song is very energetic with a bit of cuteness to it, which helped a lot in setting him apart from his sister. As a result, he's become a highly valuable twin who can be enjoyed by himself or as part of a pair.
Please show him lots of love!

Toa would go on to get 3 new songs, like a favorite child of Bemani. For the BEMANI NEW FACE contest in Usaneko, he would get Jack in the Box by Ancraft, a respect to this song. In Kaimei, newcomer Sound Team artist ZAQUVA would grace him with Bossa Gabba and its very scary chart. And that was not enough for them, because they returned in UniLab to give Toa Mecha Kawa Breaker!!, which is VERY SCARY as a chart. I'm waiting for it to be rerated to 50.
All 3 follow similar vibes to what Hatcha Metcha established for this tailor mage, and they're all bangers! No I'm not biased

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